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Hansel & Gretl & Heidi & Günter: AUDIO • VIDEO

The Trouble With Doug: AUDIO • VIDEO

The Longing and the Short of It: AUDIOVIDEO

Middle School Mysteries: AUDIO • VIDEO

The Story of Jo-Beth: AUDIO • VIDEO



Music and lyrics by Daniel Mate; inspired by the work of Men Can Stop Rape; sung by Jason "Sweettooth" Williams. Performed at the Second Annual Broadway Charity Songs at Le Poisson Rouge on February 24, 2014.


Recorded July 4, 2013 in Vancouver BC, at the concert "Daniel Maté: Songs I Wrote In New York". Lyrics by Daniel Maté, music by Eric Day.




A sample lecture on lyric writing that I recorded as part of a university teaching job application. Didn’t get the gig, but I like how this turned out. Songs discussed: 1) "All I Really Want To Do" (Bob Dylan); 2) "I'm Your Man" (Leonard Cohen); 3) "Overlap" (Ani DiFranco).




Music & lyrics by Joni Mitchell. Performed by Farah Alvin (vocals) & Daniel Maté (guitar/doot-de-doots) at “Daniel & Farah’s Birthday Bash” @ The Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC, 9/27/11


Music & lyrics by James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich.
Performed at Don’t Tell Mama, December 2014. Bass: Charlie Rosen. Percussion: Jeff Roberts.


Clip of the Hip Hop Karaoke All-Stars (Dashaun, Jess, yours truly) performing an HHK medley at my going-away concert, Dec 9 2014 at Don't Tell Mama NYC.